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Momentum And Flow



  • You’re a go-getter woman entrepreneur (or aspiring entrepreneur). . . and you’re ready to make a big leap in your INCOME and IMPACT.
  • You have a mission or message BURNING inside you. (What started as a quiet whisper keeps getting steadily louder . . . and is now ROARING to break free.)
  • You have a million ideas but struggle when it comes to choosing what to take action on – and you’re tired of feeling STUCK while everyone around you seems to be living out their dreams.
  • You long to be fully SELF-EXPRESSED – and confidently share your unique gifts with the world. No more playing small!
  • Fear of visibility, overwhelm, or wanting things to be “perfect” has held you back in the past – but those days are over (You’re ready to breakthrough to play a much BIGGER game.)
  • You’re tired of feeling overwhelmed about marketing. You want a streamlined approach that helps you get visible and grow your business in a way that really fits for YOU.
  • You’d love to connect with other supportive, successful women who really “get” what you’re going through – and cheer you on every step of the way.
  • You’re 100% committed to making your dreams a reality. No more waiting. NOW is your time.


The investment has been so worth it because I’m finally fulfilling all these dreams I had to create something of my own, to share my message, and to be seen. If there’s something you’ve been wanting to do or desire to create, join Momentum + Flow, because Makena absolutely will help you achieve it.”

Danielle Wolf

“The biggest change that’s happened for me is CLARITY and FOCUS. Makena helped me stop going around in circles – and narrow in to what I really wanted to do. I have become less stressed (which is huge) and it’s allowed my life to FLOW a lot more… so I’m not just a better businesswoman, but also a better parent and wife.” 

Sharon Feanny

I had 3x’s as many participants in my cleanse program, directly after Makena’s help. I’m so grateful for her wisdom and insight, and amazed that I already made back more than my initial investment in her program. Thank you!”


Carly Shankman



As soon as you enroll, you’ll receive an in-depth questionnaire designed to get to the heart of your unique gifts, and what you desire to create in your next chapter. Your 90 minute intensive coaching session with Makena will take this a level deeper . . . and you’ll walk away feeling crystal CLEAR and inspired, with a game plan to move into action right away. 


The program officially kicks off with your Welcome Call on February 26th. After that, you’ll participate in a weekly LIVE video call with Makena where you’ll share your wins, challenges, and receive 1:1 COACHING in a small group setting. We limit each group to no more than 8-10 women to ensure everyone gets personalized attention.


2-3x per month, you’ll receive a 10-25 min video with powerful training + interactive exercises. You’ll free up SPACE, break through PATTERNS and learn new marketing + business SKILLS to help you create rapid momentum toward your goals. 

“I joined Momentum + Flow to help me take the work I do in my coaching and live seminars, and use it to create my first group online program. As a result of our work together, I had 7 people in the first session of my new program, and I had so much FUN doing it!

Yvonne Van Dyck

“One of the biggest things that held me back before was a fear of visibility. But now that I’m sharing something I’m truly passionate about, I’m genuinely excited – and I’m getting tons of engagement from people who are literally reaching out and asking how they can work with me! As a result, I’ve enrolled 6 new 1:1 clients so far.”

Katherine Watkins
Health & Nutrition Coach

“Work with Makena. Stop procrastinating and wasting time, and hire her. She will make you money.”

Sarah Kaler


In addition to receiving 1:1 coaching during the weekly group coaching calls, you’ll also receive an additional 90 minute 1:1 coaching call with Makena approximately mid-way through the program. This is a great time to dive deeper into what’s working – and breakthrough anything still holding you back from the results you’re committed to creating. 


Have to miss a call? Want to go back and re-listen to your coaching? All of the coaching calls are recorded, and you’ll receive access to these recordings – in both VIDEO + AUDIO format!


The private Facebook group is your digital home for the duration of the program. It’s a great place to CONNECT with your new community of open-hearted, success-minded women – and EMPOWER each other every step of the way. Makena will also jump in at least 1x week to answer questions in between calls.

An Inside Look...

Curious to hear from other women who have gone through the program?
Watch these short videos to get an inside look at their experience . . .

Danielle Wolf | Austin, TX
Katherine Watkins | United Kingdom
Sharon Feanny | Jamaica
Yvonne Van Dyck | Austria


Makena Sage

is a business & breakthrough coach and self-expression mentor with a mission: to empower go-getter women to unleash their gifts, claim their worth, and create thriving businesses doing what they LOVE. 

Raised in personal development, Makena was the youngest person to ever complete her mom’s coaching certification program when she was just 12 years old. Despite this empowering upbringing, in her teens Makena struggled with body image, and a deep desire to fit in. As a result, she pursued what she thought ‘success’ looked like – first earning a degree in International Marketing, then spending the next 6 years helping top experts, authors and coaches create MILLIONS with their message using authentic copy & marketing strategies. And while she finally had the success she dreamed of – a 6-figure business, amazing partner, and a white Audi convertible – she was also having anxiety, panic attacks, and on the verge of burnout. 

Fast-forward to today, and Makena has fully replaced her income doing her true soul’s work: supporting women to claim their worth, clarify their message and make great money doing what they were BORN to do. As a result, she is lit up, energized and fully on path. Now it’s YOUR turn! 


“Working with Makena was a no-brainer… she provided invaluable insight and recommendations throughout the launch of my flagship product.”

Dr. Josh Axe

“Makena took the overwhelm out of my launch. It went from a super-stressful project, to a doable (and successful) reality.”

Ingrid Arna

“Makena is exceptional at providing clarity. In just one session, we developed a clear 6-month action plan for my business. She helped me go through all the different possible directions and narrow down the focus to what I truly desire.”

Charmaine Haworth

“Makena is super adept with online marketing, almost like it’s a second language to her. When I was launching my first program, she used her knowledge of copywriting and launch strategy to guide me in the right direction for high conversion and happy customers.”

Becca Piastrelli

“Working with Makena was a dream. We curated an online space for my clients to say yes to bigger, bolder and more audacious realities – all through her articulation of the vision. As a result, in less than 4-hours of launching we’d sold out our program, had to create a waiting list, and we were thrilled to add a 5-figure bump to our bottom line with paid-in-full enrollments.”

Allyson Byrd

“I’ve worked with Makena on several projects that reached 6 and 7 figure revenues in record time. While I have access to the most well-known coaches and strategists in the industry, Makena is absolutely the first person I call if I need ideas for my business. If you have a chance to work with her, I would say you are totally crazy if you don’t!”

Kylie Slavik