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Create Your Impact Empire

A Peak Performance Year Fueled By Your Aliveness


What do top athletes and businesspeople know that puts them in the top .001% of their field?

We define peak performance as a state of true alignment, where:
  • You’re crystal clear on your goals and vision – with zero room for shoulds, self-doubt, or distraction.
  • You feel on path and on purpose in a life & business that truly brings you ALIVE.
  • You have systems in place to ensure that every area of your life is working in harmony (business, relationships, family, home, health & self-care, etc.)… so all the push/pull goes out of things, and you can stay focused on your mission.
  • You have a team of coaches who are in your corner 100% – which gives you the courage, confidence, and occasional “kick in the butt” you need to really GO FOR IT.
  • You skip the linear path to success in favor of quantum leaps that defy logical explanation.


You’re in the right place…

Create Your Impact Empire is a 12-month private coaching program designed to help you make the jump to peak performance, and accelerate your results in business + life.

Get ready to watch the struggle disappear, as you enter the world of flow…

Where the right projects and people show up at the right time – and strategy, consistency and direction become effortless.


Email [email protected] to apply now and schedule your complimentary Discovery Call. During that call, we’ll discuss your dreams and goals, and answer any questions you have about the program.


  • You’re ready to start earning at a higher level. You feel like you’ve hit a plateau and you’re not sure how to move past it (besides just working harder – and risking burnout).
  • You’re only utilizing about 10% of your potential, and what you’re capable of. You sense a well of untapped power inside of you, and you’re ready to unleash it.
  • You want your relationships, family life, health, and spirituality to get even stronger as you grow in business – not to suffer because you aren’t prioritizing them.
  • You have a team of coaches who are in your corner 100% – which gives you the courage, confidence, and occasional “kick in the butt” you need to really GO FOR IT.
  • You skip the linear path to success in favor of quantum leaps that defy logical explanation.
  • Sense that if you spent more time “in your function,” you’d be far more productive and creative… but it feels like you’re the one managing everything, and if you slow down at all – it will all fall apart.
  • You wish you had more support, in your work and at home… but you’ve tried hiring help (or asking your partner to take on more), without much success.
  • You know there’s a better way to get the results you want… but you have no idea how to break out of the patterns that are keeping you stuck, or slowing your progress.
  • You want your life and business to feel truly exciting again – not like a burden.
  • You wish you had someone to talk to that you could really confide in… someone you trust to listen deeply, reflect back what they see (without judgment), and provide guidance that’s rooted in many years of experience.

“Within a month of beginning Create Your Impact Empire, my income doubled. Since then, it’s tripled – and I’m not even halfway through the program! I’m on track to earn multiple 6 figures this year, and I’m aiming for 7 figures next.

Gigi’s helped me to re-structure my life, so I don’t get so overwhelmed anymore. I’ve hired support around the house so I can be focused on my business – and being a great mom for my four kids. And I’ve started delegating the things I don’t love to do to an assistant. Another big benefit of our coaching is that my relationship with my husband has become even stronger.

Makena helped me a lot to get clear on my branding and marketing strategy to take my business international. Between the two of them, I feel supported in every area of my personal and professional life.

As a result, I have so much more energy. I’m excited about my next steps. And since I’ve gotten totally clear about what I want, the exact opportunities I asked for keep showing up!”

Danijela Saponjic (Germany)


Builds Freedom
and Vitality

The program is high intensity, but rather than draining your time and energy – you will actually find that you have more freedom and vitality with each week that passes.

No “One Size Fits
All” Strategies

The Aliveness Formula™ will help you tap into your unique blueprint and activate your full potential to create a life and business around what truly “lights you up.”

Measure Your

Your before & after videos will measure specific physiological changes in your face and eyes, clearly showing the transformation that takes place over the course of the program.

A High-Touch Yet
Flexible Experience

Two days of in-person coaching, 20 phone sessions, a 1/2 day virtual VIP experience, and unlimited voice messaging support create a container for rapid professional growth and personal transformation. 

Support from
TWO Master Coaches

Gigi + Makena Sage are a mother/daughter team with more than 40 years of combined coaching and consulting experience. We are here to support you every step of the way.

Business AND
Personal Coaching

Your business & personal life aren’t truly separate… what happens in one deeply affects the other. Which is why we take an integrated approach that touches on every area.


Email [email protected] to apply now and schedule your complimentary Discovery Call. During that call, we’ll discuss your dreams and goals, and answer any questions you have about the program.


Create Your Impact Empire is a 12-month private coaching experience led by master coach Gigi Sage – with optional support from Makena Sage, depending on your needs & goals. It’s designed for maximum flexibility & impact. Please only apply if you are committed to playing “all out” and getting results – as there are a very limited number of spots available.


As soon as you register for the program, you’ll complete an extensive Intake Questionnaire. The process of filling this out is often deeply transformative in and of itself – and it will set the tone for the first stage of our work together. During your VIP Experience, we will go through your questionnaire together in detail and address your dreams and goals as well as what’s holding you back.


At the start of your program, you’ll meet Gigi in Austin (or another mutually agreed-upon location around the world) for a transformative 1:1 VIP Experience. Makena may also join in part of the time, depending on your goals for the program. 

On Day 1, we’ll take you through the powerful Reflection Method™ and intensive Interview Process. This is where we get an honest glimpse into your soul and the truth of who you are – your pain, your strengths, your brilliance, and what is holding you back. On Day 2, we’ll explore your vision, define the shifts you desire to make, jump into strategy, and outline clear action steps.

During these experiences, something in you will begin to unwind… things that haven’t made sense or that you have struggled with will begin to fit together and fall into place. You’ll see your life and work through new eyes, and reconnect to the meaning and purpose behind your vision.


Twice a month for 10 months, you’ll get on a private 60-minute coaching call with Gigi (or occasionally with Makena – depending on your needs & goals). These calls will give you the feedback and clear guidance you need to take things to the next level. No advice. No criticism. We are here to help you cut through the noise and distractions, and get to the heart of what you are doing in the world… and what it’s going to take to attain the extraordinary life you are bound for.


Each month, you’ll receive a set of materials and ‘homeplay’ assignments that follow The Aliveness Formula™ curriculum laid out below.

This is NOT about adding more to your plate. Yes, you will need to devote some time to the exercises each month. However, rather than draining you – the insights and skills you learn will start to bring your life into greater alignment. As a result, you’ll find that you actually have more freedom & vitality with each week that passes.

These tools and processes are the building blocks to a peak performance life, and it’s up to you to keep stretching yourself and applying them.


Whenever you have questions, feel stuck, or lose your focus or inspiration, simply send Gigi a ‘voice note’ through the easy-to-use Voxer app – and you’ll receive an audio response within 24-48 hours. This way, you’ll get immediate support and a sounding board when you need it most, rather than having to wait for your next call. This is one of the most powerful aspects of the program, and it will rapidly accelerate your results.


As you near the end of your program, you’ll have an additional VIP Experience with Gigi. Unlike your initial VIP days, this session will take place via Zoom video calling software. This way, you can do it from anywhere in the world. The second VIP Experience is designed to support you in taking the best of what you’ve learned and experienced over the past year, and create a plan to continue growing in your life, business, relationships and fulfillment. You’ll walk away with clarity, energy & aliveness – ready to create your life as an even more extraordinary adventure. 

“Before working with Gigi, my life was actually in a pretty good place. My business was growing, I had the partner I’d always wished for, and we had a lovely daughter. But I always had this sense that something was still missing… I just didn’t know what. I was working like crazy, but I didn’t have a clear vision for my future.

Gigi had this energy and glow about her. She had 5 kids and a business, and yet she seemed so happy and grounded. I knew I had to work with her.

Since then, so much has changed. I let go of a lot of fear, anxiety and old beliefs that were holding me back. I realized I was addicted to work and stress – and found a way to re-structure my life so I could have more fun and take time off. I doubled my rates, and then decided to take a break from work altogether when I got pregnant with our second child.

As I became more relaxed in business, I also relaxed a lot more with my family. I don’t get angry the way I used to. We don’t fight or nag each other about small things… and if we do, we resolve it fast. Even when we have different goals or visions, it feels like we are all on the same path together.

A few months ago, my husband (who also works with Gigi) took a big job opportunity in Asia and we all moved there together. We are so excited about this new beginning. Today, I feel a grounded happiness that stays with me all the time, regardless of the situations or circumstances going on around me. And I know for a fact I would not be in this place without Gigi. Thank you!”

Reema Von Quadt (Asia)



You will…
  • Get a clear reflection of what feeds your energy vs. what drains your energy – and begin to implement changes that bring you ALIVE.
  • Drop habits + patterns that are holding you back so you can make rapid progress toward your goals and dreams.
  • Feel the relief of finally knowing what you need to do to make more money, feel fulfilled, and truly enjoy your life + relationships again.
  • Gain clarity on what’s most important to you, so you can use this as a compass for making decisions that are in full alignment with your values.




You will…
  • Choose physical goals and lifestyle choices that will make you feel lighter, more energized, and grounded in your body.
  • Find routines that nurture your mental clarity, increase your productivity + focus, and keep you feeling peaceful and joyful.
  • Cultivate an environment that’s conducive to your vitality and makes taking care of yourself feel easy.
  • Tap into a higher frequency where your work feels exciting and your creativity begins to flow.


You will…
  • Take a deeper look at anything that continues to drain your energy, and commit to making changes that free you up to focus on your goals.
  • Reflect on the areas where you need support in order to be your most effective self… then create an immediate action plan to get the help you need.
  • Learn the power of service, and the incredible way your business and life potential expands when you are giving from your heart.
  • Discover how you can lead in a way that feels totally in line with your values and who you are.




You will…
  • Continue implementing the tools + skills you’ve learned so far.
  • Reflect on all you’ve created and accomplished.
  • Gain clarity on the areas where you’ve made progress — and those that still need time and attention in the coming months.


You will…
  • Learn a powerful communication skill that will alleviate conflict, deepen your connections, and inspire + motivate the people around you.
  • Explore your true function or “zone of genius” so you can spend more time doing what you do best – and delegate or eliminate the rest.
  • See more of your vision and how to get there. (By this point in the program, you’ve cleared out so much of what isn’t working, and have been taking consistent aligned action toward your goals. So a profound clarity will start to dawn that you simply didn’t have access to before.)




You will…
  • Begin to consciously form a community of influence that empowers and enlivens you – rather than just socializing with the people who happen to be in your immediate vicinity.
  • Create relationships with like-minded individuals that encourage you to stretch past your limitations, uplevel your lifestyle, and accelerate your business.
  • Discover opportunities to share your unique contributions and gifts… that will grow into your Impact Empire.


You will…
  • Experience the “Secrets of Power Couples™” Method to grow a profound and powerful connection with your partner.
  • Explore 7 secrets that will help you better understand the opposite sex… and how to lighten up and have more fun with each other!
  • Gain a new perspective on your relationship – and know exactly what to do to make it a 10 out 10 in ALL areas.




You will…
  • Learn 2 patterns of communication that will completely change the way you relate to people in your personal and professional life.
  • Have more peaceful and productive relationships with your family, friends, team and clients.
  • Implement a simple daily practice to build team spirit in your company (and even your family) – where everyone feels truly acknowledged and seen.


You will…
  • Learn a 4-step process to get into flow – and self-correct when you’re knocked off track.
  • Understand how to create what you want from a place of relaxation and aligned action (rather than hard work, hustle, exhaustion or overwhelm).
  • Discover your sense of intuition or “inner knowing” and make choices about business from a heightened state of clarity.




You will…
  • Review your year thus far – what you’ve learned, changed, and your successes.
  • Choose an extraordinary goal that’s so BIG it scares you… and create a plan of action to make it happen.
  • Master the balance between action and allowing… so that synchronicity and magic become your new normal, and make the seemingly-impossible possible.


Email [email protected] to apply now and schedule your complimentary Discovery Call. During that call, we’ll discuss your dreams and goals, and answer any questions you have about the program.


Gigi Sage

is an international author, business transformer, and relationship-changer who helped to pioneer the coaching industry more than 30 years ago. She’s touched hundreds of thousands of people in dozens of countries through her books, seminars, programs and retreats… inspiring them to follow their curiosity, become more effective communicators in their personal and professional relationships, and design lives & businesses that truly bring them alive. Today, she works exclusively with high performers, helping them create quantum leaps in their income, impact, freedom & fulfillment. 

Makena Sage

started participating in Gigi’s seminars by age 7, and helping to train them by age 12. After earning her Bachelor’s degree in International Marketing, Makena spent 6 years helping top experts, authors and coaches create millions in revenue with authentic copy & marketing strategies. After leading a women’s international mastermind program with Gigi for 3 years, Makena took the leap into coaching full-time. Today, she supports go-getter women step into full self-expression and create thriving businesses they love… without burning out!


“Makena is exceptional at providing clarity. She helped me go through all the different possible directions for my business – and narrow down the focus to what I truly desire. She is highly creative, organized and fun to work with!”

Charmaine Haworth (San Diego, CA)

“I originally started coaching with Gigi around the topic of relationship. Then she supported me through the launch of my own fitness training business. A while later I had a major knee injury – and was told I’d have to change careers. I was totally devastated, and 50,000 Euros in debt from not being able to work for 6 months.

Two years after that, I ran a marathon. And with Gigi’s coaching, I’ve since paid off all of my debt. It’s such a big support to have someone you can ask any question – who isn’t just specialized in one topic. Gigi can really help you in ALL areas, and that’s fantastic.

I always say if I earn at least ten times as much as Gigi costs me then I will continue our work together. And I am still coaching with her today. It’s worth every penny.”

Conny Schumacher (Germany)

“I’ve worked with Makena on several projects that reached 6 + 7 figure revenues in record time. She is masterful at combining innovation and creativity with solid strategy, testing and logic. While I have access to the most well-known coaches and strategists in the industry, Makena is absolutely the first person I call if I need ideas for my business. Working with her is a guarantee that you are way ahead of the curve.”

Kylie Slavik (San Diego, CA)

“When I started working with Gigi, I felt ready to go to the ‘next level’ in so many areas of my life – and I needed and wanted help to get there. I knew if I didn’t take the leap and invest in myself, the year would not look like it could… and something inside me told me that this year was going to be pivotal in setting up the next several years of my growth and development.

Gigi was invaluable; having her there to walk beside me, asking powerful questions, helping me get clarity – all acted as a gentle catapult into a direction about which I am certain. As a result of our coaching, I’m clearer, more focused and much more adamant about creating the kind of career, relationships, and life I want. Gigi is an amazing role-model of feminine strength and power.”

Ellen Day Crady (Austin, TX)


This program is done on your own timing. As soon as you register you will get your welcome packet and we will schedule your first VIP Experience. The program lasts for 12 months.

Yes! All of your monthly coaching calls will be recorded so you can go back and re-listen and get the absolute most value possible out of those session. In addition, if you get the paid subscription to the Voxer App (only $3.99/month) you will get unlimited message storage, meaning you’ll be able to go back and listen to any voice messaging we have done over the course of our time together.

You can think of the Voxer App a little bit like a modern day walkie-talkie. Send texts, voice message recordings, or multimedia messages. Listen to voice messages in real time or later. With the paid subscription (only $3.99/month) Voxer will save all of the messages so you can go back and listen any time.


Email [email protected] to apply now and schedule your complimentary Discovery Call. During that call, we’ll discuss your dreams and goals, and answer any questions you have about the program.